Most of us depend on our income for our living. To earn that income, we have to be healthy.

But accidents happen, and people do get sick. That's when it's important to have a good disability income policy. 

What are your chances of becoming disabled for a period of more than 90 days before you reach the age of 65? And if your disability did last 90 days, what would the average length of your disability be? The following table shows your chances of being disabled more than 90 days, and the average duration of your disability if it does indeed exceed 90 days.

It Could Happen To You!

Your Age

Chances of Being Disabled (past 90 days)

Average Duration of Disability (past 90 days)



1.2 years



2.5 years



2.8 years



3.1 years



3.2 years



3.1 years



2.6 years



1.6 years

Source: Commissioner's IDA Morbidity and Commissioner's SO Mortality Tables, Society of Actuaries.

Income Replacement Sources

If you become disabled, where will your source of money come in order to maintain your household? Furthermore, how would you pay for the additional financial burden of a disability? Let's consider some sources.

Possible Sources of Money

The Problem


If you saved 5% of your income each year, 6 months of total disability would wipe out 10 years of savings.


Who is going to lend money to someone that can't work?

Spouse's Income

Can one person be expected to fill the roles of spouse, parent, private nurse and employee all at the same time?

Liquidate Assets

Can you get a fair market price when you are forced to liquidate?

Secure Sources of Money

The Solution

The Brown Financial Disability Plan

A Brown Financial Disability Plan is a reliable source of money you can really count on during a period of disability. Clearly, there is only one logical answer: A Quality Disability Income Plan. Wouldn't you agree?

These days, it's essential to protect your income. Think of what your income really means - it's your home, your savings, and the support for your family. Brown Financial's Disability Insurance gives you the peace of mind you need. Some disability insurance coverage is tied strictly to your work. Not with Brown Financial. Our plans can cover you 24 hours a day for accidents and illness.

Brown Financial can tailor a Disability Insurance plan that is just right for you and your family. No one wants to think about accidents and illness. But we know they happen. And the best we can do for our families and ourselves is to be prepared. Once your Brown Financial Disability Insurance plan is in place, you're covered.

Contact a Brown Financial representative today, and arrange a meeting to discuss your disability insurance plan.